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Books By Sachin Kotecha

Books By Sachin Kotecha

Explore the insightful collection of financial literature by the renowned market expert, Sachin Kotecha. Sachin’s books cover an array of subjects from trading psychology to market dynamics and wealth creation, providing practical tools and valuable strategies for both beginner traders and seasoned investors. His books are available worldwide with the added benefit of free shipping. 

Money Mechanics

Money Mechanics: Engineering Financial Success

“Money Mechanics: Engineering Financial Success” is a ground-breaking financial guide to wealth creation. The book simplifies complex financial elements and covers aspects like savings, investments, and stock market complexities. It also introduces innovative strategies for financial planning, including debt management, retirement planning, risk mitigation, and wealth multiplication. It provides practical, real-world examples and actionable tips for effective wealth management. This book is not just theoretical but a practical journey towards achieving financial independence, aimed at empowering individuals to secure their financial future and build a legacy.

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Mastering The Markets Trading Psychology

Mastering The Markets: Trading Psychology

“Mastering The Markets: Trading Psychology” by Sachin Kotecha is a deep dive into the mindset of successful traders. The book simplifies complex trading concepts and focuses on the psychological aspects that influence market activities. It provides practical tools to master trading psychology rather than just offering theories. This essential guide is suitable for both novice traders and seasoned investors. Embark on your journey to becoming a resilient and successful trader with this book.

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Applied Professional Forex Trading (CPD UK Certified Mini MBA)

Funded Trade Accounts Secrets Revealed

Funded Trade Accounts: Secrets Revealed

“Funded Trade Accounts: Secrets Revealed” is not just a book, but a treasure trove of knowledge that stands as a comprehensive guide to successful trading. Authored by the knowledgeable and experienced Sachin, who has not only proven himself as a prominent professional trader but also as a mentor, this book is packed with invaluable insights that cover a wide range of trading topics, from the fundamentals of risk management to the intricate understanding of market dynamics, and the formulation of effective trading strategies.

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