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Professional Forex Trading Education

The Worlds Most Comprehensive Professional Trading Education Incorporating AI Assisted Learning!

Forex Trading Education

Want Professional Trading Education? Join our CPD Certified Mini MBA Forex Trading Course as part of your Forex Trading Education. Master effective strategies to excel in the global Forex market with our hands-on approach. Emulate the world’s top Forex traders and start your aspirational journey today with our Forex Trading Course. Let’s shape your trading future together.



Upon enrolment to the CPD Certified Mini MBA program in Applied Professional Forex Trading, you will receive one year access to the program so that you will be able to learn at your own pace. The Mini MBA program can be done on its own or with mentoring.



Upon starting the Applied Professional Forex Trading (CPD Certified Mini MBA) you will be assessed through online quizzes, assignments and a final exam. Successful completion of this Applied Professional Forex Trading (Mini MBA) course will result in your Mini MBA certification.



When you have successfully passed the Mini MBA, you’ll be ready to start trading. Your understanding of the Forex Market will be head and shoulders above the average trader. We encourage practicing your trading skills on a demo account with brokers such as Vantage & AvaTrade.

Professional Trading Education

Our instructor Professional Trader Sachin Kotecha has 17 Years of Trading Currencies Experience and 11 Years of Teaching Experience, having worked as an Academic at a leading UK university. Sachin Kotecha has also authored for Forex Media website FXStreet for over 3 Years and Mentored hundreds of traders worldwide by providing them with the very best Forex Trading Education available to retail traders globally .

Forex Trading Education

Forex Education – Applied Professional Forex Trading (CPD Certified Mini MBA)

Our CPD Certified Mini MBA program in Applied Professional Forex Trading covers all the major topics and areas used by Professional Traders at Investment Banks & Hedge Funds using a Global Macroeconomic approach to generate profitable Trade-Ideas. Some of the key topics covered to understand price movement are as follows:

Fundamental Analysis

Macroeconomics is at the heart of professional forex trading, and macroeconomic data drives the currency market – the largest market in the world by trading volume. In this CPD Certified Mini MBA program, you will learn how to interpret the vast amount of economic data that is regularly released and analyse the data to create an overview of the relative strength of any given currency and use this to predict the direction of future prices.

Technical Analysis

The thousands of Technical Analysis tools and indicators available to traders make trading confusing for new traders. Our course on forex trading, the CPD Certified Mini MBA program teaches you the most effective Technical Analysis tools to use to avoid getting lost in the maze of technical indicators as most traders do. Our systematic approach to Technical Analysis will transform your trading and knowledge of the Foreign Exchange Market.

Risk Management

Managing risk is very important in trading. The number one reason most currency traders fail is that they ignore Risk Management and over-expose their portfolios on any one or few given currencies with high correlations. Our CPD Certified Mini MBA program teaches you how to avoid this concentrated risk and manage the risk of any given trade and the risk in your overall portfolio.

Professional Trading Education

In the fast-paced world of forex trading, understanding the dynamics of pairs like EUR/USD is crucial. Major financial centers such as Hong Kong play an influential role in shaping these dynamics. However, to fully comprehend and leverage this influence, one must have a solid professional trading education through a comprehensive forex trading course. An in-depth understanding of these market forces can empower traders to make informed decisions and navigate the complex world of forex trading with confidence and skill.

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Professional Trading Education

Forex Trading Education

The key to successful trading (buying and selling currencies) is to have a proven systematic process that you can consistently use for every trade, allowing you to be very methodical and disciplined in your approach to trading the Forex Market, a market that is open 24 hours a day. To achieve this, you need to have a very in-depth knowledge of Macroeconomics and what drives currency exchange rates. The CPD Certified Mini MBA in Applied Professional Forex Trading provides you with a solid Professional Trading Education,  crucial if you want to become a Successful Professional Trader.

Trade Idea Generation

Generating high-quality Trade Ideas is essential in the long-term success of your trading career. This program will teach you the professional approach to the Trade Idea generation.

Fundamental & Technical Analysis

The professional approach to trading the International Forex Markets is to have Fundamentally driven trade ideas overlaid with Technical Analysis. We teach you exactly how to do this.

Risk Management

Risk management is such an important skill to get right in trading, and it can make the difference between success and failure. We teach you a robust strategy to managing risk that will set you on the right path for long-term success.

Trade Psychology

Managing your emotions whilst you are trading is paramount as it enables you to make rational decisions in high-stress situations, a skill in trading that is often overlooked. We teach you how to manage this effectively.

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Our CPD Certified Mini MBA in Applied Professional Forex Trading is by far the worlds most comprehensive Professional Trading Education available to retail traders across the world. We are confident that our education will add a lot of value to your trading career.


Forex Trading Education & Mentoring Program

You can choose to do the CPD Certified Mini MBA program in Applied Professional Forex Trading independently as a video course in the Education Program, or you can choose to do it as a Mentoring Program, which is the video course combined with 12 x 1-hour mentoring sessions. Unsure? You can always upgrade from the Education Program to the Mentoring Program as you wish.

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One Time Fee

  • One Year Access To The Mini MBA
  • 12 x 1 Hour Mentoring Sessions
  • Macroeconomic Excel Model
  • Currency Pair Correlation Excel Model
  • Resume Reference On Request
  • One Year Access Traders AI Engine
  • CPD UK Accredited Course
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With a wealth of knowledge and experience in over 5 different asset classes, you are in very capable hands being taught Applied Professional Trading by us.

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Trading Books By Sachin Kotecha

Unearth the world of forex trading education with Sachin Kotecha’s comprehensive suite of books. His first masterpiece, “Money Mechanics: Engineering Financial Success”, offers a deep dive into the fundamentals of forex trading. You’ll discover how to engineer your financial success, making it an essential addition to your professional trading education.

Continuing your journey, Kotecha’s second book, “Mastering The Markets: Trading Psychology” provides insights into the complex dynamics of trading psychology. This unique perspective is often overlooked in many forex trading courses but is vitally important in becoming a successful trader. Delve into the depths of your trading psyche and uncover the strategic techniques used by professionals.

Finally, enhance your forex trading course further with Kotecha’s “Funded Trade Accounts: Secrets Revealed” and “Retail Forex Traders Vs. Professional Forex Traders”. These books offer a comparative study between retail and professional forex traders, revealing the secrets of funded trade accounts. With Sachin Kotecha’s books in your library, your professional trading education will certainly be a cut above the rest.

Professional Trading Education
Forex Trading Education
Forex Trading Course
Forex Trading Course

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Financial Success Roadmap

“Money Mechanics” is a clear roadmap to financial success. Please leave this field empty...

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Zoe Brown

Childcare Worker

Financial Success Roadmap

“Money Mechanics” is a clear roadmap to financial success.

Zoe Brown

Childcare Worker

Elevating My Trading Game!

I’ve been using Traders MBA’s $50,000 funded account on MT4 platform for the past 6 mont...

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Kwame Mensah

Civil Engineer

Elevating My Trading Game!

I’ve been using Traders MBA’s $50,000 funded account on MT4 platform for the past 6 months, and the experience is nothing short of enlightening. The platform is user-friendly and packed with features that make my trading process efficient and hassle-free. Coupled with Traders MBA’s top-notch customer service, my trading game has certainly been elevated. Highly recommended!

Kwame Mensah

Civil Engineer

Highly Satisfied

I secured a $10,000 funded account through Traders MBA. The evaluation was simple and the targets we...

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Raj Kumar

Financial Analyst

Highly Satisfied

I secured a $10,000 funded account through Traders MBA. The evaluation was simple and the targets were within reach. The drawdown levels were very generous.

Raj Kumar

Financial Analyst

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