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Sachin Kotecha

Sachin Kotecha

Sachin Kotecha is a seasoned currency trader, trade education provider, and accomplished entrepreneur. His journey into the complex world of trading began in 2005 whilst studying for a degree in Mechanical Engineering at university. This marked the emergence of his interest in currency trading, a passion that would later significantly shape his career trajectory.

Motorsport Engineering

Early Trading and Academic Career

After completing his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, Sachin continued his educational journey, pursuing a Masters degree in the specialised field of Motorsport Engineering. This choice of study allowed him to delve deeper into a niche area of engineering and further develop his technical skills and knowledge.

The motorsport industry, with its fast-paced nature and demands for high-performance solutions, provided Sachin with a challenging and dynamic educational environment. Here, he was able to acquire a deep understanding of the principles and technologies used in the design and development of high-performance vehicles.


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PhD in Mechanical and Automotive Engineering

Upon completion of his Masters, Sachin embarked on a rigorous research journey to earn his PhD in Mechanical and Automotive Engineering. This step marked the peak of his academic pursuits, requiring a high level of dedication, commitment, and intellectual prowess.

His PhD research, which was undoubtedly a challenging endeavour, allowed Sachin to delve into unexplored areas of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering. It provided him with the chance to contribute to the body of knowledge in the field, devise innovative solutions to engineering problems, and the opportunity to develop a robust set of research skills.

During this time, Sachin was able to balance his trading activities alongside his demanding academic responsibilities, further demonstrating his capacity for multitasking and effective time management. The blend of his academic pursuits and trading activities led to a unique amalgamation of skills, making him a profound scholar and trader.

Automotive Engineering

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Trading Forex Market

Transitioning to Full-time Trading

In 2012, after several years of juggling academic responsibilities and trading, Sachin made a crucial decision. He stepped away from his academic role to focus solely on trading. This pivotal transition marked the end of his academic journey and set the stage for his full-time trading career.

Two years into his full-time trading career, in 2014, Sachin took another significant step by setting up Sach Capital. This venture underscored his trading expertise and allowed him to professionally trade and teach trading.

In 2020, recognising the need for high-quality trade education, Sachin founded Traders MBA. This London-based trade education provider was established with the objective to equip aspiring traders with the necessary skills to succeed in the trading world. 

From Trading Expert to Renowned Author

Sachin has also authored books “Money Mechanics: Engineering Financial Success” & “Mastering The Markets: Trading Psychology” which are available to purchase on Amazon.

“Money Mechanics: Engineering Financial Success” is a comprehensive guide that provides a deep-dive into the world of finance. It effectively breaks down complex financial concepts into easily understandable modules, making it an invaluable resource for anyone looking to achieve financial success.

“Mastering The Markets: Trading Psychology”, on the other hand, delves into the psychological nuances of trading. It explores the mindset required for successful trading, sharing unique insights and practical tips to help readers conquer the emotional challenges that trading can present.

Both these books are available for purchase on Amazon, a platform that connects him with readers across the globe. Potential readers can easily access and purchase these books, benefitting from the wealth of knowledge that Sachin offers. These two works serve not only as a reflection of Sachin’s accomplishments but also as a resource that empowers others to follow in his footsteps towards financial success.

Mastering The Markets Trading Psychology Money Mechanics

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Sachin Kotecha

Sachin Kotecha as a Trade Educator

Traders MBA, a platform initiated by Sachin, has been instrumental in sharing his profound knowledge and wide-ranging experience with an expansive global audience. This platform has served as a conduit, bridging the gap between Sachin’s insights and hundreds of aspiring students worldwide. Through this initiative, Sachin has been able to impart essential trading skills, enlighten minds, and inspire a whole new generation of traders.

Sachin’s role as a reputable trade education and analysis provider has been transformative. His astute understanding of the markets, intricate knowledge of trading strategies, and innate ability to present complex concepts in an accessible format have rightfully earned him respect and admiration within the trading industry. It’s not just about sharing knowledge; it is about shaping futures, and this is where Sachin’s contributions transcend the norm and genuinely make a significant impact.

His journey, from a university student to a professional trader and accomplished educator, serves as an inspiring narrative, etching an indelible mark in the annals of trading education. It is a testament to his unwavering dedication, his indomitable passion for trading, and his commitment to empowering others with the knowledge he has amassed over the years.

This journey, underscored by hard work and a relentless pursuit of excellence, has seen Sachin Kotecha evolve from a novice to an expert, from a student to a teacher, and from a dreamer to a trailblazer in the trading industry. His story continues to inspire, his teachings continue to empower, and his passion for trading continues to illuminate the path for countless individuals worldwide.

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