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Macroeconomic Fundamental Analysis

An in-depth Fundamental Macroeconomic Analysis of 18 Currencies as used in our own proprietary trading!

Over 300 Macroeconomic metrics! 96 Currency Pairs! Over a 20 year backtest!
Always Keeping you one step ahead of the markets!

In-Depth Global Macroeconomic Analysis

Our Global Macroeconomic Fundamental Analysis Models uses a combination of leading, lagging and coincident Macroeconomic Indicators to give you a Fundamental Outlook on the given currencies and currency pairs.

Macroeconomic Metrics

Years backtest

Currency Pairs

Macroeconomic Fundamental Analysis

Ensuring that you have the latest Fundamental Currency Strength keeping you one step ahead of the markets. Our fundamental analysis is based on a 20-year backtest of the Macroeconomic Metrics with high correlation. It is the same Fundamental Analysis we use in our proprietary trading daily.

Our Forex Fundamental Analysis is now available as excel files. Currencies covered in this analysis is 18 currencies namely, USD, EUR, JPY, AUD, CAD, GBP, CHF, NZD, MXN, PLN, NOK, HUF, ZAR, TRY, SEK, CZK, ILS and RON. A total of 312 Macroeconomic metrics have been used to create this Fundamental Analysis model.


Keeping on top of the vast amount of Macroeconomic Data made easier with everything structured and fluid.


Analysis compiled into on simple and easy to read table, showing currency bias and anticipated magnitude.


Only Macroeconomic Data that is significant and that moves currencies is included in this models.


Simple and easy to use straight out the box. Just click on the link and view the file.


After many years in the making, testing and developing! We are very pleased to have acheived a robust and reliable Macroeconomic Fundamental Analysis Model that delivers results!

Leading Outlook

Peak Correlation

Tradeable Currency Pairs
With Volatility

Very Simple To Use

We have created the Excel files to be very user friendly, you simply just need to open the Excel File from your unique link and Excel does the rest. The Excel File URL you receive is linked to our Macroeconomic Fundamental Analysis Excel FIle that we use in our own trading via OneDrive – when we update our file with any of the 312 Macroeconomic Data, yours gets updated automatically. Simple! 


Open The Excel File 

Simply open the excel file from the link that is sent to you, you should also be able to save in to your computer as a view-only file.


Your Excel File Instantly Updates

Your Excel File will automatically sync to our Global Macroeconomic Fundamental Analysis Excel FIles and update to the latest data. 


You Get A Fundamental Outlook

The Excel File will display to you 96 tradeable currency pairs that have  volatility and display to you how markets are Fundamentally positioned.

How To Get Started? 

Getting started is very simple, the video on the right will show you exactly how to get started and use the Forex Macroeconomic Fundamental Analysis Excel File. Dont worry if you dont fully understand, upon purchase you will receive a 30 minute Zoom setup call with us to get you up and running smoothly so that you can level up your Forex Trading forever! 


Which Subscription?

On purchase of the Macroeconomic Fundamental Analysis Excel files and you will also receive a 30 min Zoom setup call with Sachin Kotecha to ensure that you are up and running smoothly so you can level up your Forex Trading!

Commercial subscription


Per Year

  • Access To Our Macroeconomic Fundamental Analysis
  • 96 Currency Pairs Analysis
  • 18 Currencies Analysis
  • 312 Macroeconomic Metrics Used
  • Priority Support
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